And it begins…

August always has it’s challenges.  And this August isn’t any different.  Just like every other year for the past seven (eek!), school starts at the end of the month, high school swim starts at the beginning, and a strange mental craziness begins.  Why do I say this?  Well, for the past six years, I have gained 10-15 pounds every fall.  I’m not sure what it is and why it’s only in the fall.  But, it happens.  Last year I was lucky, I was able to figure out how to lose the weight in the spring.  However, I quickly gained it all back in – you guessed it – the fall.  It is a strange phenomenon that I can’t quite figure out.  I could easily attribute it to stress, but I have school in the spring as well.  My husband believes that high school swim is the culprit, but I still gained the weight when I missed a season because of graduate school.

Regardless of the cause, this fall is going to be different.  I’m not going to gain that weight – ever again.  And, while I understand that I’ve said this every year, I am vowing to change my “traditions” this year.  Through triathlon training and a proper diet plan, I know that I will change my life – I have to!

Sunday is my first triathlon.  It isn’t going to be easy – I’m pretty overweight.  While I have been training for months, there is only so much training you can do before your weight becomes a huge factor.  I decided to do a triathlon last year and thought it would be the answer for my weight problem.  It wasn’t – I quickly fell back into the “I’m exercising all the time, I can eat whatever I want!”  Well, that back fired on me.  I have lot a pound, and I’m still extremely frustrated.

I’m still going to do the tri – I’m determined to finish even if I have to walk the entire 5K.  I know I can do it – but maybe I can’t do it well.  Hopefully, I’ll change that for next year.  Next year I want to be able to be a competitor – a threat to other triathletes instead of being the poor fat girl who is attempting to do something athletic.  (I know that I’ll surprise a lot of people, but I can only imagine their inner monologues)

Following the tri, I am going to be meeting with the local athletic club’s dietician.  We are going to have a consultation and do a metabolic test to find out how many calories I am actually burning (I’m not sure that I want to know!).  Hopefully, I can create a plan that works with my schedule, my needs and is a plan that will work for me.

I know that isn’t a miracle cure.  I will have to work at it.  And, my blog will document that challenge.  Hopefully, by the same time next year, I will be prepared – 100% – for the triathlon.

I guess only time will tell.


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