Happy Halloween!

Well, today went pretty well.

I started the day with waffles with a little bit of cream cheese and strawberry jam.  Afterwards, it was off to the salon to get my eyebrows done – they were an absolute mess!  I met the hubby at home after his spin class (in hindsight, I should have gone with him) and we enjoyed a green monster consisting of spinach, kale, flax seed powder, Juice+ chocolate protein powder, milk and a banana.  It was delicious!  About an hour later, I decided to eat lunch – I didn’t know when I would eat again.  Lunch consisted of a Lean Cuisine.  Is it the best choice?  Not really, but it works.

And then, it was off to the swim meet.  It was Varsity conference – the second to last meet.  I was greeted by all sorts of temptations – puppy chow, cupcakes, pizza and Oreos.  Gosh, I wish I had the metabolism of  a high schooler again!

I will admit it here – I did succumb to a slice of pizza and a cupcake.  I was hungry and the cupcake was given to me by a parent.   It’s no excuse, but I’ll accept it.

The husband and I had dinner with his parents – Buffalo Wild Wings.  I chose the naked tenders – perhaps the healthiest thing on the menu?  I haven’t looked up the stats – I should do that!  I did succumb to a few pieces of candy.  I restrained myself as much as possible – three fun size bars.

After returning home, it was time for some Yogi Green Pomegranate tea (yum!) and – unfortunately – two cookies.

So, in all, not the greatest day, but a lot of chances to be really, really bad that I didn’t take.  Time to get some shut eye.  Still not feeling that well – really uncomfortable.  I think that is absolutely the worst.

Going to spin in the morning – my first time in a gym for weeks.  EEK!  Weeks!  Gross.  I just disgusted myself.  Well, I need to start somewhere, right?


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  1. Good morning, HAPPY HALLOWEN! A little late..!

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