I Can’t Believe It’s November!

It was certainly an eventful weekend.  My sisters were back home from school for the weekend.  It is always nice to have the whole family home.  It’s just like old times.

Yesterday wasn’t the greatest day – I missed spin, again.  I wasn’t feeling well at all.  I probably should have just gone.  *sigh* Oh well.

I spent most of the morning working on lesson plans for class.  I’m not going to miss those when I’m an actual teacher.  I understand that I’ll still have to do some version of a lesson plan, but they won’t have to be three pages long!

I was off to my parent’s house to watch the Packer v. Viking game.  It was disappointing – but they gave a good effort when they finally woke up in the second half!  Just a thought – what was with the camera focusing on Favre blowing snot rockets out of his nose?  And, it wasn’t just once!  It was multiple times!  Gross.

Dinner was at a Chinese restaurant.  I did pretty well – not the best.  I stuck with soup and just ate a few bites off of the other plates.  My family loves the fried, sugary sauced entrees.  Blech.  (Okay, I like them too – but they’re terrible for you!)  By the end of the night, I felt really gross.  I hadn’t eaten well all weekend.  I think my body is finally starting to kick my butt for my poor diet.

Today was the perfect opportunity to change.  Breakfast consisted of a Fiber One muffin and some yogurt.  While eating, I saw Oh She Glows post about “Back on Track Week”.  It looks like it’s exactly what I need.  🙂

I think I’ll get some of my veggies/fruits in through a green monster in a little bit.  I think Jackson needs a nice long walk too – but, he does look really cute sleeping right now.   And, I’m even flirting with the idea of swimming with the girls today.  It’s their last week of practice – unless someone makes it to the State Championships next week!

This week’s dinner menu:

Monday – Meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes  and green beans

Tuesday – Shrimp Jambalya (courtesy of Rachael Ray)

Wednesday – Teriyaki Stir-Fry

Thursday – Chicken breast, brown rice and veggies

Friday – Spaghetti Dinner with the swim girls.


Have a great Monday, everyone!


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