A Dilemma…

I’m curious to see if anyone else has these issues – and if you do – how do you work with them?

I will be going to my Aunt’s house tonight for dinner.  I love her, but she doesn’t cook with my best health interests in mind.  She told me earlier today that she has skillet lasagna, spinach salad and cheese/sausage for dinner.  She’s not going to make biscuits because she knows I’m watching my weight.  She goes one to say – “Oh, but, we’ll have some cookies for dessert.”

She’s the kind of aunt that wants you to finish everything – and then have more.  We contribute this to the fact that she grew up during the Depression.  If it was fresh fruit, lots of veggies, etc, it wouldn’t be a problem.  However, most of the food she cooks is covered in grease or deep fried.  I once told her that we wanted fajitas for dinner – thinking that it was a safe bet.  What could she do?  Well, she pan fried everything – tortillas, veggies and chicken.  There’s nothing she won’t fry.  🙂

Don’t get me wrong – I love her to death.  She’s 81, lives by herself and she takes care of me like any aunt would.  But, going over there for dinner is always a challenge.  And, unfortunately, cooking/baking is what she does.

Does anyone else deal with this?  How do you cope?  Is this just something that you try and do your best but hit the gym a little harder the next day?


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