What a Week!

I still can’t believe I’ve gone so long without posting.  I apologize for my absence.  The good news is that finals are over – and I think they went as well as they could.  Honestly, I wasn’t really in the correct frame of mind for my last one on Friday, but I did what I could.  I have about a month off – I don’t start teaching until January 26th.  What will I do with my time??

For one thing, I’m going to start getting back in to my *regular* workout routine.  This fall was so busy – it gave me too many excuses not to work out.  That’s going to stop.  Not only is the triathlon a motivating factor, but it sounds like we’re taking our family trip to Key West in June.  That’s not that far off.  Time to get a nice jump start on the weight loss/training. 🙂

And boy, did I jump right back into it today!  After swim practice (my last one at my old club!  *tear*), and a nice breakfast of some Multigrain Cheerios (a very underrated cereal in my book!), it was off to the gym to meet my sisters.  When they’re home, it is like boot camp.  And, I mean that in the kindest way possible.  They have a way of motivating me.  They’re awesome athletes and I can only hope to be as athletic as they are.  (I wanted to beat one of my sisters in the triathlon – but she still kicked my butt.  Next year!)

Today, we did 55 minutes of kickboxing and 45 minutes of spinning.  I am already sore – I’m sure tomorrow will be even worse.  My foot held up pretty well.  It still hurts right now, but I can walk without limping.  That’s a good start.

After our workout, it was time for lunch.  The husband is off of work for two whole weeks, so we decided to make something.  We decided on some Greek chicken, cous-cous and some veggies.  It was delicious and very filling.

For the Greek chicken, we just used some chicken breasts.  For the marinade use one part olive oil, one part lemon juice with Greek seasoning (I use Cavender’s), a little garlic powder, some black pepper and oregano.

I actually cook the chicken breasts in the marinade – in a pie dish.  I make enough marinade so it covers the chicken halfway.  I feel like this really infuses the flavor.  The same method works well with dark meat – which I’ve done in the past as well.  After the chicken is finished cooking,  I’ve used the leftover marinade to flavor rice or, in today’s case, the cous-cous.  I bake the chicken at 375 degrees for about 20-25 minutes (or until the chicken is cooked).

We served it with some whole-wheat cous-cous from Trader Joe’s and Green Giant’s “Heathy Vision” blend.

I could’ve used some feta cheese, but we were all out (which is rare!).  Oh well, it was tasty just as it was.  🙂

For dinner, my sisters, the husband and I went to visit my grandparents.  We took my grandmother out for some Applebee’s.  They have this new thing on their menu – a symbol that indicates the meal has under 550 calories.  Now, 550 calories is a little high for a meal, but not terrible in terms of a restaurant meal.  What’s scary is knowing that most of the meals are OVER 550 calories!  Yikes!  I chose the Asiago-Peppercorn Sirloin with garlic red-skinned potatoes (only about 4 of them!) and some veggies.  It was pretty good – and reasonable in terms of calories and in size.  Right?  🙂  We did have some dessert at Culver’s, but I shared with the husband.

Overall, it was a good day.  A good start to the training!  In closing, here’s Jackson curled up with my snuggie (Yes, I have a snuggie – and I love it).  Here’s hoping you’re nice and warm – just like him.

Off to watch “The Sing-Off”.  I haven’t watched it until today.  But, I figured I had to because Boyz II Men were going to be on!  I love them – I was even in their fan club!  Don’t judge me.  🙂


3 Responses

  1. Love Jackson in the snuggie…that is really cute. My dogs like to snuggle up in fleece blankies too.
    Are you already signed up for a tri in the area for 2010? I’m looking for some good ones to do..let me know if you know of some good ones!
    I was also thinking of doing the Kenosha Half Marathon…looks fun!
    adventures in tri–ng

    • I haven’t signed up just yet. I’m still waiting for Trek to post the date for the Chicagoland Women’s triathlon to see if that will work. Otherwise, I think I’m going to sign up for the Camp Whitcomb tri soon. It wasn’t that great (the bike was hard!), but it’s the triathlon we did last year so it would be great to see if I can improve my time! What tri did you do? Do you have any other ideas?

  2. I did the Lake Carroll Tri in Lake Carroll, IL (near Galena) it was in September and the first year they did it. It was HARD, and from what I heard, seasoned triathletes agreed it was a challenging course.

    I have a whole list of tri’s I was interested in:
    Delavan Lake 6/5/2010
    Batavia 6/13/2010
    Lake Geneva 9/11/2010
    J-Hawk, Whitewater 4/25/2010

    There is a mix of Illinois/Wisconsin events in there.
    Let me know of any others you know of!!

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