Biggest Loser Challenge: Week 1

Hello All!

My first week on my self-perscribed “Biggest Loser” challenge was successful – a loss of 2.6 pounds.  I feel awesome about it.  I was still able to go out because I stayed on track at every other meal.  And I know that this is a week one result, I changed my habits drastically and I shouldn’t expect this every week. But, let’s hope the trend continues.  I hope I don’t have the curse of a “Biggest Loser” week 2.  🙂

For dinner, I made a new concoction.  For three servings, I mixed 3 Jenni-O turkey bratwursts (sliced), 2 cups of a pepper/onion mixture (from TJs), 3 servings of low-carb pasta, 1 1/2 cups peas and a little feta (I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but it did!).  It was pretty good and simple to make.  I was able to get away with not using any oil. I cooked the meat through and removed it from the pan.  It left enough fat to cook the peppers, onions and peas.  Meanwhile, the pasta was cooking.  After the veggies were done, I added the meat back in and warmed it up again.  I combined everything together and added a little feta to the top.  (I love feta and put it on just about everything.)

If I did my math correctly, it comes in at around 400 calories (per serving).  Not too bad.  It was nice and filling and tasted like it was about 600 calories.  I’ll take it!

Alright – off to finish “The Biggest Loser”!  My DVR actually taped it this week.  (I was devastated last week!)  G’night, all!


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