What a weekend!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the *best* weekend.

Friday was going really well.  I visited my grandparents during the day, Dan and I met my parents for some Five Guys action and I actually found some clothes for teaching.  (I HATE shopping!)  We got home and took the dog out and *BOOM* – I fell on my butt on some black ice outside of my apartment and my ankle hurt like hell.

We went to the doctor the next morning and I suffered a severe sprain on my right ankle.  Thankfully, nothing is broken.  But, I’m starting to worry that the ligaments actually tore.  It isn’t really getting too much better.  (They told me I should be able to walk in 2-4 days, or there is something wrong)  I can put some weight on it, but it’s limiting me from doing anything but sitting on my butt.  I can’t drive because it is my right ankle, which really, really sucks.

And, to top it off – I start student teaching tomorrow!!  I’m going to hobble around in front of a class.  That’s just fantastic.  🙂

I always considered myself lucky that I haven’t suffered any leg injuries.  I have the shoulder pain, but I know lots of people are so limited by ankle and knee pain.  I didn’t want that to be me.  Hopefully, this heals well and I can continue biking and kickboxing.  I was really bummed this morning when I couldn’t wake up and go kickboxing.  It was going to be the last time before student teaching….  *sigh*

The husband has been taking really great care of me.  Making me dinner, getting me ice and pain pills and taking care of the dog.  He works today so for me to get around is a challenge – but I’m coping as well as I can.  Thankfully, the dog seems to be pretty tired, so he’s being somewhat calm.

My next mission is to see if someone can work for me tonight.  Crutches on a pool deck isn’t the *best*, is it?  I feel terrible because I was supposed to work this weekend at a swim meet.  I rarely miss work – so it is difficult.  If I have to go in, I’ll have to convince the hubby to drive me.  🙂

The good news of the weekend is that my sisters are home from their study abroad adventures!!  I’m so excited to hear all of their stories and look at their pictures.

I hope everyone had a better weekend than I did.  I apologize for the Debbie Downer post.  I’m trying to look at the bright side (Think of all the time I have to work on school stuff!), but it’s hard!

Happy Monday, everyone!


2 Responses

  1. Aww, man, that really sucks! I hope you are feeling better soon, make sure Dan takes great care of you!

  2. I am home!! I missed your blogs and can’t wait to see you!!

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