Hello Blogword!

Yes, it’s me.  And, I’m about to do one of those “I’m-sorry-I’ve-been-too-busy-to-blog” posts.  I apologize!

But, it’s true!  Student teaching has taken up so much time!  I feel like I’m never home and I haven’t really sat down for more than 10 minutes without doing any work.  I’ve had my new Rachael Ray magazine for about a week and I’ve only read about 1o pages of it.  Yes, this is serious, my friends.  🙂

I hope to get more time to blog.  Lent started this week so I have to start getting creative.  I don’t have a lot of meatless meals in my collection.  I need a lot more.  If you have suggestions, let me know!

Until then, dear readers.  Have a fantastic weekend!!  🙂


One Response

  1. Boca burgers… on a 100% whole wheat english muffin, with cucumbers and lettuce. I find it delicious… and quick!

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