What a week!

It has certainly been a little hectic around here.  (You’re going to stop believing me after awhile, aren’t you?)  Summer is in full swing and it hasn’t slowed down at all.

The other night, Dan and I decided to break out our little Weber grill and fire up some turkey burgers.  I used to be extremely hesitant when it came to turkey burgers.  They’re normally kind of dry and lack a lot of flavor.  However, I’ve discovered a secret – grated onion.  It seems to do the trick.

I usually make turkey burgers with the same base and add different flavors each time.  This time around, I make a Greek inspired burger.  I always start with about a pound of fresh ground turkey and one half of an onion, grated.

It may not look that great, but it does the trick!

Because it was a Greek burger, I added about 3/4 cup of feta cheese (we love our feta!), a tablespoon of oregano, salt, pepper and about a teaspoon of Greek seasoning.

I wish I had some spinach, but I was all out.  I mixed it all together and made three patties.  They are really nice size burgers.

We served them with some French fries and the “healthy weight” veggie mix from Green Giant.  And, yes, we added a little more feta.  🙂

For dessert, Dan stopped by the Milwaukee Cupcake Company and picked up a sampler for my family.  I made sure to snag my favorite – the salted caramel cupcake!

It was the perfect ending to a great meal.


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