Greek Meets Italian

Tonight was a lazy dinner.  I didn’t want to do much and I wasn’t feeling any of the old standbys.  I put my trip to the Greek store to good use again and made pita pizzas.

Nothing too crazy, just pita bread, cheese, turkey pepperoni, italian seasoning and a little garlic.  Put it under the broiler and viola!  A perfect personal pizza all for about 400 calories.

It was yummy, but I probably should’ve had a salad or something along with it.  It wasn’t as filling as I had hoped.

I did have some good news today – a great weigh in.  I’m down 3.6 pounds.  That means that I’m right at my goal of 2 pounds a week.  It just took my body a little bit to catch up…  🙂

Off to watch some “White Collar” (MMMMMMmmmm… Matt Bomer) and “Top Chef”.


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  1. So proud of you!

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