An Experiment with Grilled Pizzas…

I’ve been wanting to try grilled pizzas for a long time.  I’ve seen numerous recipes and blog postings about it.  But, I was intimidated.  I wasn’t sure how to do it or if it would even be worth the effort.  As it turns out, it was totally worth it.

My parents and sister came over for dinner last night and I decided that they were going to be the guinea pigs.  (They have to play this role often.)  So, armed with some pre-made pizza dough from Trader Joe’s, we heated up the ingredients and started creating our own pizzas.

We had two sauces – both homemade.  My dad and Dan both chose the pesto while my mom, sister and myself went with a tomato sauce.  Choice of toppings included turkey Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, grated Italian cheeses, Italian herb blend and some red pepper flakes.

Everyone had to make their own pizza – which was kind of fun.  You could choose between two different crusts – whole wheat or regular.  We rolled them out on the table and started adding the toppings.

Because we only have a small little smokey joe grill, we couldn’t make the pizzas too big.  Plus, we don’t have the giant spatulas that pizza places have.  They would have come in handy!

After they were all prepared, we put them on the grill.  The key here is to put olive oil on the bottom of your pizza so it doesn’t stick.  They aren’t going to be perfect pizzas because they do take some convincing to get on the grill, but I think that adds the the character of them.  🙂

I think it would have been easier to prepare the crust, throw it on the grill and then add your toppings.  But, you have to be careful with the heat, so you have to work fast!  I’ll let you know if we try anything different.  Here are a few of the finished products:

In the end, they were absolutely delicious.  The crust was nice and crunchy, but still a little chewy.  And, the flavor of the grill really came through.  I will definitely make these again!


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  1. Love grilled pizzas. We are without a grill as we are living in a teeny apt. for a bit. I miss it desperately! Your’s look great. See you at HLS!

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