The Weekend is Approaching!

Today was kind of a lazy day.  I slept in again.  I’m trying to break the habit of sleeping in so late, but I’ve been so tired lately.

For breakfast it was Kashi blueberry waffles with a bit of light cream cheese and strawberry jelly.  They are surprisingly filling!  They lasted until after my first class.

For lunch, it was a Weight Watchers meal.  It was a test for sure – I’ve been depending on these frozen meals for awhile.  And, because if this, I think I have a tendency to snack because I was STARVING about three hours later.  Normally, without a frozen meal, I can last until dinner.

So, between my two practices, I decided to stop at *gasp* McDonald’s.  I know, I know.  It’s bad.  But, I just got a plain grilled chicken sandwich (with a side of buffalo sauce).  It was the perfect snack to hold me over until dinner.

Dinner was made by the husband – teriyaki stir fry.  Packed with lots of veggies and brown rice.  Dessert was a mini pudding pie with a little bit of whipped cream.  The perfect accompaniment.  🙂

It’s off to bed – I’m up early to head to the school I conduct my observation at.  A speaker is coming in to class – he was a peacekeeper for the UN in Bosnia.  It’s a bonus day for me – but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to listen to him speak!

After that, I *finally* get my hair cut and I have to finish up some shopping for the spaghetti dinner.  I still don’t know where I’m going to put all of those girls…  We’ll see!

If you have an extra second or two – head over to one of my favorite websites, Fit Bottom Girls.  Comment on their FitStars post and they will don’t $1 to “Girls on the Run” – and, New Balance will match every dollar they raise!!

G’night!  🙂