How is it only 7 O’Clock?

I hate it when it gets dark early – I really do.  I don’t feel as if I can do as much.  It’s even difficult to go for a walk when it’s so dark.  I know it happens every year – but I can still complain about it!  🙂

Yesterday went well – I made it in time to catch the semi-finals of the diving competition.  The diver I was going to see took fifth!  The competition seemed to be a lot tougher this year.  Overall, the meet went well.  I was able to talk to my friend while we were waiting for the swim meet to actually start.  It’s nice because she’s in a similar program that I’m in.  I felt bad because she’s not loving it – she’s considering not doing the student teaching portion.  I hope she doesn’t, but I know how hard it actually is.

After the meet, we met my friend’s husband at a little Italian place outside of Madison.  It was fun – my friends were locals there.  They knew what was good – which was just about everything.  I had a beer (which tasted GREAT after being in a hot pool for hours) and a small portion of spaghetti with meatballs.  It was good and I didn’t finish it completely.  It was a good compromise – I wanted the carb-loaded pasta, but I didn’t have to eat all of it.  🙂

This morning I stayed in due to a really bad headache.  Thankfully, it was only a caffeine headache (I think).  After I took some Excedrine, I was just fine.  I was worried that I was getting sick.  I didn’t feel right – but I think part of that was because I got a lot of sleep last night.  I made some whole wheat pancakes for breakfast.  We decided that it was going to be a two-meal day.  (Is that terrible?)  We were going to have two larger meals.  For breakfast, it was whole wheat pancakes with bacon and orange juice.  We modified an Alton Brown recipe for instant pancakes.   They were pretty good.  🙂

After breakfast, the hubby and I watched “August Rush” (Mmmm… Jonathon Rhys Meyer) and then decided that we need to do something!  The hubby got a haircut and then we went to World Market.  I LOVE that store!  We picked up some sweet goodies (Dark Chocolate w/ Sea Salt), beer and a container for the pup’s treats.  And then, we decided that we were going to go to Trader Joe’s!  *girlish squeal*

We explored the area around the mall and got some dinner, which was Five Guys.  I have loved that place ever since DC.  It’s cheap and delicious!  I got a little cheeseburger with mushrooms, onions and A-1 sauce.



Five Guys!

It was really yummy and the perfect amount of food.  And then, it was off to Trader Joe’s!  We got all the staples: ground turkey (they have the best!), almond butter, chicken breast, frozen veggies, chicken broth (I got four this time – they have the best and it’s soooo cheap!), oat bran, some pomegranate seeds, etc… etc… I absolutely LOVE Trader Joe’s.  I just wish it was closer to us.  It’s a trek every time we go.  (Okay, it’s not *that* bad, but it’s about 25 minutes away)

We got back and it was dark, but we decided to get a walk in.  I was only at 2,000 steps for the day!  We took the dog out, but some beer in the freezer so it would be cold by the time we got back.  We walked for about 30 minutes.  I was still under my 10,000 steps by about 4,000.  10,000 steps are A LOT!  I never realized it before.  I came close yesterday – I logged about 9,000.  It helped that I took a three mile walk – but that was only about 7,000 steps.  Craziness!

My reward for our walk?





A piece of dark chocolate with sea salt (I should have got 4 bars!  It is sooo good) and a beer.  🙂

Time to watch some DVRed TV and enjoy the night.  I still can’t believe it’s only 7:30.  In a way, it’s kind of nice.  We got a lot done.

Have a nice Saturday!  🙂