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    I'm just a 25-year old girl trying to find a healthy way of living after a few years of losing my way. I'm training for a triathlon and learning all kinds of training and eating tips along the way! I am not an expert - just a girl who is trying to survive in a world of temptations and unhealthy habits. These are my adventures. I hope you enjoy reading them! Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions! :)
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What’s on my Christmas List?

In June, I attended a swimposium put on by Wisconsin Swimming.  Yes, a swimposium.  🙂  It was a very educational conference about all things swimming.  One of the meetings I attended was about dryland (what us crazy swimmers call cross-training).  We met with a personal trainer that demonstrated the TRX suspension trainer.

Image Source – Eat Smart, Age Smart

It was designed by a Navy Seal with the goal of getting a workout in anywhere.  (Their website is www.fitnessanywhere.com)   The system uses your body weight for a full-body workout.  I guess there are a ton of exercises that you can do with this one piece of equipment.  It just hangs over your door – and it’s all you need.  The equipment (with an anchor)  and a sturdy door.  You can also attach it to anything that can hold it.  The woman who spoke to us used the monkey bars at a park.  It’s also supposed to last for a really, really long time.

Image Source – Beverly Athletic

I was getting really excited – this would change the dryland workouts for the high school team and I wanted one for myself.  (The high school we’re at has a crappy weight room and it’s always overflowing with football players.  You can’t just throw 30 girls into it.)  But of course, there was a price.  $150 – for one!  I was so disappointed.

That was a huge chunk of change – I couldn’t afford it, let alone get 10 of them for the swim team.  Oh well.  Maybe they’ll come down in price.

I guess these babies are starting to pick up in popularity.  Some gyms are getting enough of them to hold classes.  There was an article in the local newspaper the other day about a gym in Madison.

Image Courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Has anyone used one of these before?  Have you heard of them?  They seem like they’re worth the money (if I had it) – has anyone heard if they are or aren’t worth the money?

I really hope that my gym gets their hands on some!  Or, Santa could leave one under my tree!

Anyone else have any fitness equipment on their list?