Cut out the Meat?

I am a meat eater – an omnivore if you will.  I love the stuff – I really do.  However, there is a new study out that is showing that the more meat you eat, the more weight you’ll gain – with calories being equal.

You can read the article here.

A few highlights:

A group of European researchers found that people who consume meat regularly gained more weight over a five-year period than those who ate less meat but took in the same number of calories.

I found it interesting that poultry is actually a large culprit:

Perhaps surprisingly, the biggest culprit behind the extra pounds was poultry, followed by processed meats and red meat, according to the scientists from Imperial College London. Their findings were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

I normally substitute poultry for red meat in a lot of my dishes to be a little more healthy.  I’ll have to sit down with the full report one of these days.

Now, I’ll definitely take this into consideration when preparing dinner, but I’m not ready to eliminate all meat all together.  I mean, who can turn down BBQ?


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